Café Writing

In a recent video, I talked about how I loved working in cafés but spent most of my writing hours at home. That’s still true, but recently I’ve kickstarted a new tradition of visiting a café nearly every weekend – for at least one good session of productivity in a busier and more unpredictable environment!

We can sometimes be creatures of habit, even within our creative routines, and as a general rule having that familiar “writing zone” can be a huge help in establishing a solid daily/weekly pattern. That being said, I’ve found that mixing up my environment and even just the physical act of getting ready, walking, taking the metro, finding a place to sit – it can help jumpstart my creativity in ways that simply sitting down in my typical spot at home can’t. (Sorry mega mugs of coffee and fuzzy socks…I still love you.)

It’s also a wonderful way to discover new cafés in Paris! So far I’ve been alternating between trying a new place and going to a coffee shop I know and love, depending on how adventurous I’m feeling. Only so much “mixing it up” at a time, after all… 😉

Have recommendations on Parisian working spots or tips for working from cafés? Let me know in a tweet or comment!