My Novels

Current Work

Title: Legend Says

Genre: YA fantasy

Status: complete

This is the third book I’ve written and the first I hope to share with you someday. It’s YA fantasy and takes place in a version of our world – with some magic and lore mixed in.

I am currently in the process of querying, with the goal of traditional publication. For more updates, follow me on Twitter or check out my daily Instagram Stories!


Legend says long ago the Grumling kind entered our world and remain here still, separate from us, hidden. Seventeen-year-old Toni has life figured out in her simple, predictable town until one day her reality is swept away: her father goes missing, his enigmatic pupil Jamie reveals the Grumling myth is true, and she discovers a secret group of legend seekers that once included her own family. To find her father, she must make unexpected allies and navigate a winding path of secrets, suspicions, and betrayal – where not even feared creatures of legend are what they are said to be. Can Toni uncover the mystery of her family’s shadowed past and the shattering truth of a world she thought she knew?

Works in Progress

WIP 1: untitled sequel to Legend Says

Genre: YA fantasy

Status: brainstorming

While Legend Says can stand alone, there is still so much of this mysterious world of legend that my characters have yet to discover – as do I! So I’m currently brainstorming plot and themes for a follow-up novel.


Genre: YA fantasy

Status: outlining

Because a writer can never have too many ideas…! I’m brainstorming and outlining an entirely new story concept, unrelated to any of my past projects.

About My Writing

My infatuation with writing goes back as far as I can remember, as does my goal of being a published author. While this dream has grown up with me and turned into something much more concrete and realistic, the spark is still glowing just as bright as ever.

When I was around the age of 13, I began to write my very first fully-fledged novel. It was young adult (of course) and fantasy (of course). Pretty much as soon as the idea popped into my head, I started scribbling random notes of names, places, and things, then plunged right into the writing.

I was young. I would learn.

Throughout the next several years, this book just kept chugging along, until around age 17 when I finally wrote the last chapter. It wasn’t good; I knew that already. The writing grew up with me, the first few chapters written like they were from a completely different (and much younger) author.

This book wasn’t publishable, and it never would be. But I knew it was special in a different way, and I will keep it and treasure it forever. It was the first time I dipped my toe into the incredible art of novel-writing – and I was hooked.

Since then, I’ve written a second “secret” novel (YA sci-fi/fantasy) that I plan to keep hidden away for just myself for all of eternity. But it was only after those two projects when I feel like I truly found myself as a writer. I learned what I need in order to craft a plot, what my writing and revising processes should be, how to harness all the unwieldy ideas and fantasies in my brain into a good story.

That was when Legend Says began.