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Since 2013, I’ve been making videos about writing and creativity, living abroad, traveling, and all the wonderfully nerdy things I love.

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About My Channel

I created my YouTube channel on January 3, 2013, but I’d been watching YouTube (and making videos) for a long time before even then. Ever heard of a “Barbie movie”? Well, I spent a good part of my childhood crafting those. Thankfully none of them ever made it to the internet…

From scripting and filming short movies with my dolls as a kid, to making my own music videos out of clips from a movie and a song as a preteen…to one day deciding that I wanted to do more than just put together fun and creative clips for myself, my family, and friends.

That’s when I started my channel – to share my thoughts, passions, and creative energy with whomever wanted to watch. And it turns out…a lot of you did!

I hope you enjoy watching my content (and carrying on the conversation in the comments!) as much as I enjoy creating it. And if you do, don’t forget to subscribe 😉